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About debArt

As a self representing artist I now offer various artworks for sale to, what I hope, is an appreciative list of clients. I originally trained in art but never pursued it as career.  This was a move that I later came to regret, and having worked for a living in the 'rat race' I returned to painting for pleasure a few years back.  As happens with many people, the hobby took over fulltime and became debArt.  My days are now spent peacefully in my studio rather than fighting for a seat on a packed commuter train!

Over the years my painting styles have ranged through landscapes, surrealism, abstract, pop art and many other styles in various mediums. Oils have always been a favourite, but I became frustrated with the length of time oils take do dry. A better alternative is offered by modern acrylics, which behave very similarly to oils, but tend not control you with their drying times, and it is for this reason that acrylics are now my chosen medium.

My recent painting interest is study of light and its effect on various three dimensional forms, and there is none so interesting as the human face.  It is this area of painting which currently constitutes the bulk of my work.  Defining shape in monotone, to produce an image that is instantly recognisable, primarily in portraits, is an immense challenge, but has proved popular with everyone who views the results.

The debArt website is a recent addition to the various platforms via which I sell my work and I hope you enjoy browsing the varied pieces. I intend to add more work as time passes and some of my paintings will be offered as limited edition prints and made available on this site. Prints, whilst not quite the same as an original painting, give people the opportunity of owning an original debArt artwork at a very affordable price and on a scale which will suit modern homes.

I hope you enjoy browsing the website, please feel free to contact me, if you have any questions or would like a painting commissioned in my current style.

Debbie Palmer